Meet the sales team


Lea has been working at Nonke Plants for over 20 years. She gained first-hand experience by working in different departments until she found her place as a sales lady. With her plant knowledge, warm smile and motherly nature, she is a favorite amongst many clients and personnel members. She works mainly with landscapers, landscape architect, developers and is responsible for all the Eastern Cape customers.


Gardening and an interest in plants are in my blood. My childhood garden had an extensive succulent collection, cut flowers plus all manner of vegetables and fruit. The pull of my landscaping hobby was stronger than a career in commerce which was my field of study.   I am now in my 20th year at Weltevrede Nursery t/a Nonke Plants. I love consulting with designers, landscapers, garden services, new developments, buyers from nurseries, wine estates, municipalities, guest houses, schools, etc

I like to think of those who I deal with regularly as friends. Time spent at the nursery in beautiful Devon Valley is not merely a job, it has become an important part of my life.