Meet the sales team


Lea has been working at Nonke Plants for over 20 years. She gained first-hand experience by working in different departments until she found her place as a sales lady.

With her plant knowledge, warm smile and motherly nature, she is a favorite amongst many clients and personnel members.

She works mainly with landscapers, landscape architect, developers and is responsible for all the Eastern Cape customers.


Born into a family of farmers on all branches of the family tree, the love of plants was a given. Ingrained in every aspect of Marna’s life growing up, it was a natural progression to get a degree in Forestry: B Parks and Recreation Administration from the University of Stellenbosch.

This opened up the landscaping avenue and as a Senior Horticulturist for Cultural Affairs, she initially specialised in restoring old-fashioned gardens for museums like Bien Donne, Bertram House and Rust -en- Vreugd in Cape Town, but as change, constant growth and love of learning is part of her make-up, she started her own landscaping business, dabbled in Estate Management and Freelance writing for various magazines.

In 2017 she joined Nonke Plants to explore yet another aspect: the world of Retail and Wholesale Plant Production. With 31 years of experience, Marna loves helping all clients across the wide spectrum of nurseries to landscapers, to consulting on landscaping design, to drive around the beautiful Western Cape introducing Nonke Plants’ lovely selection of plants, building up new relationships and looking at the spectacular beauty here in Devon Valley: the best office view ever!